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PMGE: General Information.Stock Venture "Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition" (PMGE) was founded in 1962.

SV PMGE is the only specialized company in Russia that performs comprehensive geological and geophysical research and provides a wide range of services for studying the subsurface geology and searching for minerals in compliance with international quality standards in the most difficult-to-reach regions of the Earth: the Arctic, Antarctic and the Ocean.

SV PMGE has to its name (since 1962) the discovery of a large Pavlovskoye polymetallic deposit on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago; the discovery of the unique Tomtorskoe rare-earth metal deposit in Yakutia; the discovery of the North Lyakhovsky tin-bearing cluster on the Novosibirsk Islands archipelago; the discovery of the gold-bearing area and placers on the Bolshevik Island of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago; the discovery of sulfide ore deposits in the oceans.

SV PMGE is the contractor for a 15-year Russian contract with the International Seabed Authority (ISA), aimed at search and exploring deep-sea deposits of polymetallic sulphides in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Within the framework of the Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE), SV PMGE annually and for decades carries out comprehensive geological and geophysical research of the subsoil of Antarctica and adjacent seas for the benefit of Russia.

The key to successful activity of SV PMGE is introduction of innovations, modernization of the fleet and scientific equipment, high-quality and timely implementation of contracts and government contracts in compliance with international and national requirements in the field of safety, labor protection and environmental protection, attracting the most qualified specialists.

SV PMGE has two specialized research vessels (RV) of the ocean class: “Professor Logachev” and “Akademik Aleksandr Karpinskiy”, which have undergone the most advanced modernization and are equipped with the most up-to-date scientific research geological and geophysical equipment.

SV PMGE has three field bases in Antarctica, a field base in the Spitsbergen archipelago, unique archives of geological and geophysical data and collections of rocks.

The Expedition has a large collection of samples on all the regions of activities.The chief office is situated in the suburb of Saint Petersburg, Lomonosov.

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24, Pobedy str., Saint Petersburg – Lomonosov, 198412, Russia
The telephone: +7 (812) 4221282
The telefax: +7 (812) 4231900
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